Living in a metropolitan city, we can’t help but feel the mounting anxiety of being overworked, overwhelmed by stress, forever hungover, untouched, and unloved. We live in small flats, we live outside our means, but we’re alive. This is the modern world and this is our modern way of life that we have chosen.
Because of this, we build our own communities, we feed off the urge to escape the chaos, we bow down to hedonism and the need to re-connect with each other, which happens through dance culture.
My on-going series, All we ever wanted was everything, is informed by my curiosity and fixation with photographing the world around me in an attempt to understand it on a deeper level and reconnect.
What began as a documentation of truthful images evolved into an understanding that there is an inherent disjoint with objective reality in every photograph, as honest as I tried to make them. Because of that I created my own universe evoqueing the sentiments of what we feel when we experience these moments of ecstasy, rather than trying to truthfully document them. Ecstasy, which by definition is a sense of emotional connection and closeness with others, and an increased appreciation for sound, color, light and touch.
Through experimentation with different cameras, locations, and time itself, I’ve created images that have layers of different memories, truths and colors that weave together and are reappropriated by the viewer’s interpretation.The experiences inspired a documentation through photography and yet the photographs of real life spaces inspired the digital manipulations to them.
Photography is here given the space to embody a variety of truths, all of which have multiple paths through which they might be reached. This has allowed me to reflect on my photography as a sketchbook for my experiences and expand my visual language. A place to highlight, as does all my work, the multiple narratives inherent in society’s misconnection with the real. 

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