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A rare breed, Micaela McLucas is a fourth generation native of Los Angeles, everyone's favorite place to complain about. Her father, a tall, long haired hippie who refused to wear shoes or grow up, collected Micaela’s mother in Bariloche, Argentina, on one of his many trips exploring the world.  Blame it on too much sun radiation and suburbia, Micaela burst out from the Pacific like a hurricane, with a vivid imagination and an energy so loud no adult was ever able to quiet or make behave. At the age of five she knew she’d be an artist and has clung to it ever since.  

Micaela has always done everything backwards and borderline illegally. She’s travelled and lived around the world, finding every loophole to extend her adventures, even collecting several passports along the way. She's kept an obsessive cringe but fascinating journal of hangovers and fuckups of almost every day for the past 15 years. Micaela speaks French, Italian, Spanish, and English fluently and is never not learning more. Always one foot in another country and several cameras wrapped around her neck, she’s developed a wild visual language that has crossed over into writing, photography, filmmaking, and even with great success in the commercial world, as she is represented by Ridley Scott’s RSA Films. She recently completed her Masters in Fine Art in Contemporary Photography; Practices and Philosophies at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, in London, which further glitched any last hopes for a straightforward career path. 

Micaela’s work is multi dimensional and experimental, constantly on the edges between fantasy and reality, truth, and fiction. She is extremely passionate about filmmaking and her voice is one of a kind.  From a formal perspective, cinema is the most contemporary vehicle for her to put her ideas into play and touch the biggest audience with her work. After all, it’s through art we can imagine and create a better world and if we cease to imagine a better world then that possibility ceases to exist as well. 

Micaela has exhibited internationally, and her client list includes Ford Motor Company / Lincoln, Rolls Royce, Tanqueray Gin, George @ Asda, Flannels, Warner Music, The BBC, Marriott, Pepsi, Puma, Office Shoes, Stella McCartney, Adidas, Spotify, Kirke, Liu Jo, Refinery29, and L’OrĂ©al. Her work has appeared in publications including British Vogue, Elle Germany, Vanity Fair, CondĂ© Nast Traveller, I-D, Exit, GQ, Hunger, The Fall, Autre, & Office, among others.


Film reel : Vimeo 


  • 2020- MA, Contemporary Photography Practices and Philosophies, Central Saint Martins, London 
  • 2013- Licence, Arts Plastiques, UniversitĂ© Paris 1 PanthĂ©on-Sorbonne, Paris
  • 2010 - Foundation in Painting, Art Students League, NYC
  • 2008 - Painting/Photography Santa Monica College, CA
  • 2006 - BFA Fine Art Cal State University, San Francisco


  • 2022 June, MFA Graduate Show, Central Saint Martins, London
  • 2022 March, Open Studio, Central Saint Martins, London
  • 2021 June, Open Studio, Central Saint Martins, London
  • 2021 April, Transference.TV group show Central Saint Martins, London
  • 2020 July, ‘’ 
  • 2020 May, Conversations; Wessel Barda & Micaela McLucas
  • 2019 October, "Love & Loyalty" St. Pancras Hotel, London
  • 2017 May, EXIT Sid Motion Gallery London
  • 2015 June, solo show "Cirrus" Castor Gallery New York City
  • 2015 January, "18 percent" Castor Gallery New York City
  • 2015 November, "Lost Love" SuperMassiveBlackHole Dublin
  • 2014 August “Inside/Out” Castor Gallery New York City
  • 2014 May “Process” New York City
  • 2014 May La galerie Soufflot, Paris
  • 2008 October “International LA Photographic Art Exposition” Santa Monica


  • Pepsi, Spotify, Lincoln, Rolls Royce,  Stella McCartney, Arsenal F.C.., Asda, Tanqueray Gin, Flannels, Warner Music, The BBC, Marriott, Puma, Office Shoes, Kirke, Liu Jo, Refinery29, Adidas, and L’OrĂ©al






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